Empowering creatives to challenge climate breakdown

We are a SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTANCY working with creative individuals and organisations who want to REDUCE their environmental impact and CHALLENGE climate breakdown.

We utilise a unique approach to sustainability.

Most environmental consultancies are based in the corporate world and focus on resource efficiency and utility reduction. Others work to raise awareness of and educate about sustainability.

WE DO BOTH (with the addition of creative thinking).

Combining hard and soft measures to bring you the best of worlds: 
  • ‘hard’ environmental impact reduction measures
  • ‘soft’ environmental awareness and education

By utilising creative and systems thinking our approach is planet focused, effective and deeply embeds change. 

We want to work with creatives - yes, that’s you.

EVERY BODY is creative.

Creativity explores the world from different angles; utilising originality to encite deep thought, communicate messages and solve problems.

So that’s exactly what we do for your business/organisation/project - just with our sustainability hats on. Whether you are a business, in the third sector, an individual, or just want some guidance on a project - we want to work with you!

We are dedicated to the planet.

We are HONEST.
We are NICHE.

But most importantly WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET, and everything that lives on it, A LOT. This is what drives us to do what we do in the best way we can.

You may have been thinking about this for a while - there’s no hiding from our impact on the world - it’s time to get moving and for us all to become more efficient, aware, and proactive.

Get in touch here.

Do you have a specific goal to achieve? Do you  want to integrate sustainability more in to your every day?

No matter where you are at on the path to sustainability, we offer a wide range of services which can help achieve either:

Environmental Policy Environmental Assessment Project Management
Research + Reporting

Energy + Resource Efficiency Advice
Low Carbon Travel Advice
Carbon Offsetting

Green Marketing + Communication
Brand Development 

Sustainable Event Management + Organisation
Workshop Facilitation

Customer Engagement

Permaculture + Systems Design Thinking
Nature Connection
Zero Waste Living
Zero Waste Families

Everything we do, everything we consume - has an impact. Our job is to help you work out how best to do it in a way which impacts the planet least.

Not only that, we will determine how to embed it across your organisation and effect real long term change (in an empathetic, human way).

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All images by Claire Cichy